Re: Some recent online postings

Posted by MJG On 2023/10/28 6:40:30
I won't be talking you out of it, but you won't get it for under $6k. This is the car from the Louis Abelove auction (hope I spelled correctly) a couple years or so ago. It sold then for just under $6k +10%, then he bought tires and a few other things it seems. It was bid to over $7k just a week or two ago and didn't sell there. A month ago, he had another, much better condition and a lot of NOS chrome. That one sold for over $18k (that surprised me). These have a small but dedicated following.

Your biggest challenge will be the chrome around the trunk lid. Mine was missing only the center connector but I found a guy who made me one.

Good luck going after it! My favorite postwar Packard. If you do and post a thread, I would like to compare notes. Mine is an early one too, though that one is really early in production. It will also get my butt in gear on it... though my wife will not like me taking time from the house remodel/addition I'm doing!


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