Re: Copart has a Packard

Posted by packardsix1939 On 2023/12/1 13:22:34
Never heard about cops in the 1920's using Studebakers. I did hear that cops in Chicago during that time period preferred Lincolns because they had a V-8 and were pretty fast for the day. Reportedly, a lot of gangsters preferred Cadillacs, which is how Caddys got the reputation at the time of being associated with criminal elements. Capone had a bullet-proof 1928 Cadillac limo specially built for his use. This car still exists. Packards, as we know, represented "old money". If you were a well-to-do high society type, you drove a Packard. Your bootlegger drove a Cadillac.

The two 1920's Studebakers now on Copart are a 1928 Commander sedan and a 1925 two door sedan. The 1925 appears to be a Standard Six Coach model. The '28 has a "Buy it Now" price of $18,500, but the high bid is now only up to $3,750 with 2 days left to go in the auction. The '25 has not yet come up for auction and is listed on the site as an Upcoming Lot. The lot info for this car indicates that it runs and drives. The '28 does not appear to be running at present because the front tires are flat. But they do both look like nice cars, good older restorations that could be used as is without any major cosmetic work.

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