Re: Copart has a Packard

Posted by HH56 On 2023/12/1 13:24:32
The car is also unusually optioned, with power brakes and two heaters,

Green cars in 55 seemed to be plentiful and an issue even to the point Nance wrote a memo to the vice president in charge of production wanting to know why and that dealers were complaining because they had customers ordering one color only to get a green car as their shipment.

It is surprising the number of low option radio/heater only type cars or even low end bare bones cars that did have power brakes. Possibly Packard's campaign to promote power brakes as a safety feature started when the brake option came about in 52 was still going on. There might have even been dealer incentives.

Not sure it has two heaters though. Cannot see the right hand fan switch well enough to read the label but I believe I can see FAN and maybe speeds above it so probably a standard heater. The switch on the left that would be for the optional underseat unit is blank. It would just have a knob screwed onto a stud that was used to hold the dummy blank label in the recess in the vent control casting. When the underseat heater was installed the blank label was removed, switch added and a new label saying REAR FAN replaced the blank.

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