Re: Dash switches

Posted by HH56 On 2012/11/3 20:47:44

DeluxCanuck wrote:
Well, I haven't had at it yet, other things have come along. Any ideas on the other switch?

I don't remember how the switches are labeled. IIRC, Bob Neal's book mentioned early cars did not have integrated heaters but rather optional and sometimes separate components like the 47's. If that's the case, you could have a heater box and maybe a separate little blower for the defroster mounted above it and also an underseat heater. Usually the heaters shared a switch with the defroster separate. You will almost have to determine how your car is equipped to find which is on.

If it is a later car, then I believe the heater/defroster blower is in the engine cmpt under the heater box and there was an optional underseat heater. Since dealers could add options, sometimes they didn't necessarily follow recommended installs or if the customer wanted separation, extra switches were added. It is also possible one of the wire air control cables has broken or become disconnected and a door is not open so the blower can't do much.

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