Re: Dash switches

Posted by Mark Hill On 2012/11/4 10:48:37
The heater box is part of the car. Long and narrow running under the dash on the firewall. The fan/housing is on the outside of the firewall on the passenger side
I can hear the fan running, but its very faint. I'll post a picture of the switch under the dash later. When the snow finally hits here, I am going to remove the damaged fan switch and see if I can repair it get the fan to work as the owners manual states. Push once for hi, twice for low, and third time is off. Haven't noticed an underseat heater. The front lower portion of the front seat has no cut away for air movement. I would assume that's how it's done, as I've never seen one. Does an under the seat heater blow to the back seat? I've been under the car and there's no hoses, again if that's how is done. I'll also check the wire. I appreciate all of the assistance. This is a new car to me, and I'm trying to learn all of the qurks and eliminate the incorrect issues it has.

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