Re: Highway speeds/engine rpm/ gearing and other stuff

Posted by Peter Packard On 2014/9/13 22:14:29
Hi all, There is a section in each series of Service Counsellors available on this site, which gives the rpm per mile ( a mile a minute or 60 mph) for each of the gearbox, factory standard rear axle ratio and factory tyre configurations. For example. For the 26th Series, if you go to the 1952 Service Counsellor Vol 26 No 11, under Engine, General information...for the 2601 ( 1953) with the 288 engine, it gives The egine rpm per mile with factory tyres as
Standard trans...2847
OD 2993

The Counsellor then gives this information for each of the models for that series.

The Mechanical Specifications and Adjustments for the next year's Series is usually the last or second last Service is not listed in the Index.
For is Vol 24 No 8.

I am a bit pushed for time at the moment but someone else may be able to list them for each year. I shall do it when I get some time.

Best regards, Peter Toet

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