Carter WGD 728S help needed

Posted by Mark Hill On 2013/5/2 19:10:49
I have rebuilt my carb (Carter WGD 728S) on my 49 Deluxe 8, 288 engine. It was running rich, and who ever had it apart before me used high temp silicone on the gaskets. What a mess. I feel that there is a slight hesitation when accelerating lightly. Also when driving along, it feel like the engine is running a little rough. When playing with the carb in the driveway, if I close the choke slightly when holding the throttle open for what sounds like about 1500 rpm, the engine smooths out. I think it might be running a bit lean. Any suggestions as to how I might correct this as there is no adjustment screws for other than idle mixture. Also, I am having a hard time getting the choke to work correctly. It caused the engine to run so rich on me today that it stalled in traffic. Just to make sure it was open, I turned the spring until it held the butterfly valve open. I just haven't got something right with it. Looking for suggestions here also. Thanks for the help.

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