Re: Carter WGD 728S help needed

Posted by Mark Hill On 2013/5/3 9:07:38
The rebuild is only a couple of weeks old. Float level was bang on acording to the sheet I got with the kit. Before the rebuilt it was running rich. I have looked to eliminate vacuum leaks, but did not try the water spray. Also what makes me think its running lean is the temperature gauge. But to that point, the weather is warmer than what I have run it in, and it just may be the way it reads. As far as the silicone, I could believe that it was a mechanic that did that. It had turned gooey and was everywhere.

EDIT: Tried the water spray all around the carb, did not notice any change. So when I have a chance, I am going to pull the carb off and increase the level of gas that's in the bowl to see if that helps. Thanks for all the suggestions. I'm also going to have another look at the service info.

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