Re: Carter WGD 728S help needed

Posted by Mark Hill On 2013/5/6 16:01:28
Thanks to all who jumped in with suggestions. This is my first rebuild of an automobile carburetor. I checked the set up for the metering rods. Seemed to be correct. I jumped the starter solenoid to crank the engine over without ignition to make sure the bowl was full. Pulled the top of the carb and the gas was barely over the metering rod holes (jets?). So I checked the float level a little more accurately than before and it appeared to be low. So I tweeked it and reassembled the carb and started the engine. Oh so close. Did the same thing as before, opened the throttle for some good rpm. Engine jiggled slightly. Nothing like it did before. Slowly closed the choke, and it smoothened right out. So I need to tweek it just a hair more and should be good. Thanks again!

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