Re: 41-7 Clipper fresh air option

Posted by HH56 On 2013/5/3 20:23:57

WC wrote:
When i had a '41 Clipper, it had been delivered without a heater, in Atlanta, GA. The car had been fitted with a "Hadees V8" heater (no defroster) but there was no fresh air control or duct work. Maybe this started in '42?

Not sure when it was first offered.

There was a photo posted of the engine compt flapper valve assy on site or a car on ebay with it sometime last year. I neglected to grab a copy but basically they cut a hole in the dash immediately behind the defroster/footwarmer -- or if the owner elected for the deluxe heater, behind that. The information states the option is for those owners desiring to regulate the intake of fresh air into the car and in mild climates that defroster/footwarmer air may be all that is needed.

That last bit kind of makes it sound as if the defroster switch was the one to go but if the car isn't moving, there would be no defroster. I'd hate that arrangement as one could imagine the car would fog up fairly quickly if stopped for any length of time and no air flow. Of course, some defrosters didn't do much more than make noise then so maybe not much difference with or without air.

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