Re: temperature problem?

Posted by Mark Hill On 2015/3/18 19:20:52
Howard. I've had the mechanical gauge in the hose for a while to do a comparison with the factory gauge and to keep tabs on the temp as I make/made adjustments. IIRC, 180 degrees on the mechanical is about 1/2 way or just past, on my factory gauge. I will keep it there as a reference until I'm satisfied that when I come off the highway, and get stuck in traffic, or just plain caught in stop and go traffic, that my temp will not climb to over 200 degrees. I did the paper test before putting the car away for the winter. It barely sucked in in to the grill from about 6 -8" away at idle. I'm hoping that the shroud will make a big difference in how fast and how far away from the grill it will suck the sheet of paper in. Between the shroud, going through the timing again, checking the float level and re-doing the needle settings in the carb, and using Allied Chemicals(this is not a plug, but recommended by su8overdrive) flush, using water as my coolant with their additive, I hope to have it running better than it has in the past. Boy.... that was a really long winded sentence...

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