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Posted by HH56 On 2015/4/7 13:36:15
Bill, If you mean this, it is my attempt to make a mount for the AC compressor. Didn't have any info on how Packard mounted their prewar Clipper compressor on the left side and whether they kept or moved the oil filter and vent tube for the 356 engine. I decided to accommodate both in the same general area by slightly relocating the filter and making an identical looking vent tube with shorter legs.

I can't weld worth a crap so needed to do it with bolts. Used the existing studs originally for the oil filter that are on the 356 block as one mount point and the bolts for the thermostat housing for another. Not sure your engine has the studs or holes for the filter in the same place. Made the necessary bar spacer like piece to bolt over the studs and keep those as is. A vertical plate bolts to the spacer bar and everything attaches to that plate.

Removing the AC bracket to access the thermostat has been a pain on all Packard factory AC installs so I made mine with an extra piece and spacer to allow the thermostat to remove without touching the AC bracket. That is what you see in the other photo. Also took advantage of the opportunity to add a piece for an additional thermostat sensor. The front diagonal brace uses the generator adjust strap bolt as the attachment point and the rear brace just ties to the new vertical support plate.

The prewar AC compressor was driven by an extra groove on the fan pulley. I bought one of those pulleys when they were repro'd many years ago. Not being able to find a shorter length D size belt to fit that groove also dictated the location to a great extent. Ideally, the compressor and bracket would be lower and the filter higher but that brought the compressor too close to adjust the belt.

It may be overkill and if welded could probably be a bit less dramatic but I always go for the complicated and try to keep any mods so they can be easily reversed. Not sure a PS pump would need to be this elaborate.

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