Re: temperature problem?

Posted by HH56 On 2015/4/9 20:52:10
Mark, I don't have any detailed info on the fan or hub used on the pre 51 smaller engines. Stuart at Kanter said the pumps are the same for the junior and senior engines but the hubs are different. Larger for the 356 and pressed to a different depth on the shaft. The question would be if the larger fan could bolt to the smaller hub and probably smaller pulley and still clear and that I don't know.

If you want to compare hubs and see if it might be possible, the 356 hub is 3 1/8" diameter and has a total depth at the shaft of 7/8". 1/8" of that is the pilot inside the pulley center hole, 5/16" thick at the bolting surface and the remainder is behind on the shaft. Pilot diameter into the pulley center hole is 1 1/8" wide. 4 attachment bolts and hole spacing is 2 1/2" across with 5/16-24 threads. Pilot diameter from the pulley into the fan center hole is 1 5/8".

The parts book also lists different pulleys for the senior and junior engines. Not sure if the difference is to accommodate the larger hub diameter or the belt width or both. Probably both because they list different belts too. Belt width on the 356 is 15/16" at the outside edge and the junior engines may be smaller. If the fan wouldn't bolt and hub and pulley had to be changed then that might cause issues with finding a belt that would work on the old and new pulleys.

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