Re: temperature problem?

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2015/4/10 9:10:03
Another option for a more effective fan, though I don't know about any fit issues, would be to locate a 288/327 Korean War era (1952/53) fan. Others will know more about it and perhaps there is a reference in the Parts List but the restriction on critical metals required Packard and other makers to reduce the copper used in radiators and Packard compensated with a more effective fan. There may well be a Service Bulletin reference to it as well, worth a search.

Yet another option though probably very hard to locate would be a fan from a 1954 car with factory AC. You might also take note of TSB 51-T-30 which introduced a new fan with improved air volume. Again, I don't know how these fans might adapt to 1950 and earlier engines with the higher and more-centrally mounted water pump.

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