Re: rear brake drum removal '50 deluxe 8 Final story!

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2013/11/14 12:02:49
Well, we're all free to (politely) disagree, so I'll do so. First, axle failures are extremely uncommon - who has broken an axle on one of these cars? Ross - you've probably seen more than any of us - how many broken axles have you seen? Second, most any good automotive repair text of the era will caution to install the unit dry, Chrysler who used the same arrangement stressed it in shop manuals - it's the force-fit of the taper that drives the wheel, that's why 250 or more ft-lbs. of torque is advised. The keyway is secondary and if the taper joint slips, you can easily damage the key and the keyways in both the axle and the drum hub.

Just trying to be helpful - do as you wish.

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