Re: Shudder when letting out clutch in 1st

Posted by Tim Cole On 2015/1/8 8:10:57
Hi Don:

I'm not sure what is meant by "The clutch and differential have recently been rebuilt" and "the shuddering problem appeared once I started driving the car again".

If the clutch has been replaced after the storage period I would suspect a parts problem. I always used Fort Wayne Clutch in Indiana but Custom Clutch in Cleveland has also been recommended. The time I didn't use these vendors (on a Ford) the results were rotten.

If the clutch was replaced before the period of storage I would suspect rust on the transmission shaft.

Of course no clutch job should be done without using a transmission jack and correct pilot tool. Not using either can bend the Marcel and cause problems.

On the oil side, I would stick to straight grade motor oils, as specified in the manual, for summer use given those motors don't have a dynamic rear main seal. I'm hearing too many complaints about oil leaks.

Hope this helps.

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