Re: 23rd Heater Core Removal.

Posted by HH56 On 2015/1/1 15:41:23
There are a few photos of the heater on Jeffs 48 blog which might give a clue or two. Looking at the few photos he posted after the headlight switch and a few more on the following page I suspect the heater is constructed and held in a similar fashion to the 51-4 heaters -- studs thru the firewall -- with maybe a screw or two thru a bracket into the firewall on the engine side.

You might check out the accessories section of 51-4 SM The heater location is different than yours but I suspect the mounting will be very similar. If like the later units your entire assy will have to come off the firewall to access a couple of sheet metal screws they placed in an inaccessible spot on the box before you can remove the core.

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