Re: Exhaust Pipe Routing

Posted by Mark Hill On 2015/1/27 21:36:50
Thanks guys. Howard, I saw that picture, it's close, but where I'm stymied is the routing over the rear axle. There's a brace, and the shock. I need to know how it runs when it goes over the axle and that picture, unfortunately does not offer enough detail. I have pipes that are suppose to be bent as per factory, just need the routing, because that ones I took off the car, the tail ended up under the hole in the bumper for the jack. That can't be right!

Thanks to all who have responded. I am stuck to a degree because I have the axle pipe through the hole in the frame and partially installed. Not sure if it's in the correct spot, and I haven't figured how I got it in there 'cause I can't get it back out of yet.

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