Re: 1948 22nd Series - The tool kit -

Posted by Michael Evans On 2015/5/3 10:20:04
Thanks to you both for the info and photos - I'm looking forward to getting under and having a search for the rubber bungs !!

The car is pulling horribly to the right at the moment so hope to get that sorted.

You may recall the long saga I started about starters on the 22nd Series - well recently it happened again but luckily the very nice AA man got me going sufficient to get the car back to its storage and remove the starter.

It was then that I decided enough was enough and bit the bullet and sent it on its holidays down to London to be rewound to 12volts.

Unfortunately I have not yet had time enough to get the starter put back but once on ALL parts will be 12volt so I'm keeping my fingers (all of 'em) crossed. I'll keep you appraised of the results.

Once more many thanks Best regards Michael

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