Re: 1948 22nd Series - The tool kit -

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2015/5/18 9:56:16
Not entirely up to date on all that's been done, but pulling to the right (or left) is typically not the result of uneven brake shoe adjustment - as hydraulic pressure is equal in all directions and locations in the system it's much more likely to be a difference in frictional properties between the shoes and drum on one side or the other. If you had a leaking wheel cylinder on the right you may have brake fluid soaked into the linings (replace - both sides, or clean. Also a worn wheel bearing grease seal on the opposite side is a possibility. Of course the drum surfaces need to be clean and reasonably equal in surface finish both sides.

Not to preach, you probably know it but whatever you do to brakes on one side you must do equally on both sides.

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