Re: Paper element air filter

Posted by 55PackardGuy on 2015/9/15 15:35:23
I have the non-oil-bath AC air cleaner, with the "resonance chamber" and metal filter element.

The original element measures thus:

1D 7"
OD 8 1/4"
Height 1 1/4"
Cross section thickness 3/4"

The closest I could com was a NAPA Gold PN 2186. It's a bit too tall to get the wingnut on, and a tight squeeze on the ID:

The NAPA filter measures:

ID 6.25
OD 8.25 (Perfect!)
Height: 1.9"
(Should clear the hood easily, but the cover is too high to use the original wingnut setup.)

The original filter element is very short by modern standards, and I doubt we'll be able to find a paper element that is this short

As Tom in KCMO suggested, you need to engineer a coupling for the threaded center shaft, . A coupler should do it, but I want one that will fit UNDER the cover, otherwise I'd have to enlarge the hole on the cover. Call me picky, but enlarging the hole is not an option for me.

I've been "studying" on it for a while. I'll probably have to cut down one of the long coupler nuts that are made to join two pieces of threaded stock.

Over course, all this must be done with utmost care, so there is no possibility of the coupler ever loosening and falling into the intake.

If someone knows another way to extend that shaft through the original cover hole, let us know. I believe the shaft is 3/16 with 32 thread size (unless it's an SAE size, in which case, good luck finding a coupler).

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