Re: What kind of V belt is used?

Posted by Packard 1948 On 2015/8/7 0:44:06
thanks... I am not home right now (at Hot August Nightsa CarShow) and if I was I would get the name of the manufacture and model number of the belt that is currently on the Packard.

The belt that is currently on it is a Gates Green Stripe belth an. it has ridges on the bottom of the V of the belt and these ridges are very close to and if not touching the bottom of the Chrysler power steeringp pump groove. If the ridges are so close to the bottom of the groove the system might make noise when it is in operation.

My hope is that I can find a belt without the ridges so that it will ride in the V part of the groove and not at the very bottom.

Does anyone have the name of a manufacturer who produces this belt without the grooves on the bottom of the v belt?

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