Engine "Tick" in 356 Su per Clipper

Posted by Lauren R Lampi on 2015/8/7 12:21:26
Developed a Tick in my 356 Super Clipper this summer.
Seems like it was coming from the front half of the engine.
Sounded like a lifter tick. Took off the carb and fuel lines. The manifolds and lifter covers. Checking the lifter inserts, I found that the intake valve lifter on the
number one cylinder was a problem. The lifter spring was
"loose". I could move the spring up and down and also spin the spring around the lifter. The lifter on the intake
valve of the number four cylinder is starting to show the
same symptoms. the remaining lifters seem OK right now.
I did a valve and ring job on the engine about 3 years ago
and have about one thousand miles on the engine.
Engine had about 70,000 miles on it.
I put a lot of new parts in the engine at that time.
New valves, springs, retainers, Timing chain and gears,
oil pump, fuel pump, Rebuilt carb, electrical parts and
NEW hydraulic valve lifter inserts in all the lifters.

Now I need to Pull the head and take out the valves and
remove the lifter inserts.

I have the old original lifter inserts that I removed when
I was doing the engine work. I kept them in plastic baggies
so I know which lifter went with witch valve.

Put the old lifter inserts back in after I clean them up,
Or do I try it again and buy a new set of lifter inserts
and put them in ???? Maybe the old ones a better than
the reproductions. You have to take the head off to do
these replacements.

Anyone else have experience with repro lifter inserts?

Lauren R Lampi
Grand Rapids, MN
47 Super Custom Clipper
54 Clipper deluxe

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