47 356 manifolds

Posted by Lauren R Lampi on 2015/9/5 10:31:32
I'm in the process of assembling the 47 356 engine.
I ordered new gaskets for the valve job. The manifold gaskets that I received were "different" than the old ones. The new manifold gaskets were the "individual"
round 4 intake and 2 exhaust gaskets and 3 double exhaust gaskets. The old ones that I took off were the three
flat types that are between the manifold and block.
They were not working that well because several of the
exhaust areas were "burnt" through.
Are the new ones that I ordered the correct ones?
I think that they would do a better job than the flat ones.

Also, when reinstalling the manifolds, do they go back on as a unit, of do they go on "loosened" in the exhaust hot box area, mount them as a unit, tighten the manifold assembly to the block, then tighten the hot box bolts..

Just looking at the manifold assembly on the bench, it looks like the mounting surfaces are a bit off.

I looked in my shop manual and it isn't much help in that area.

Lauren R Lampi
Grand Rapids, Minnesota
47 Custom Supper Clipper

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