Re: 47 356 manifolds

Posted by Lauren R Lampi on 2015/9/5 13:45:51
Thanks for the reply.
I must have gotten the OM type of gaskets because they have the lip that goes into the port and the metal and
asbestos sandwich that fit along the block.

I am not completely clear about the recommended sequence for installing the manifolds.
Is it recommended that the intake and exhaust be installed separately. (Exhaust first and intake second)
Or are they installed together, with the three bolts on the heat box loose so there would be a bit of play between the two manifolds. Then start to snug up the manifold to block fasteners and the heat box bolts.

Before I bolted the two manifolds together at the heat box,
then installed the everything as a single unit.

Lauren R Lampi
Grand Rapids, MN

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