Re: Ignition switch position and oil/gen lights

Posted by HH56 On 2015/9/6 14:58:58
It could be the switch but before condemning it check the back and make sure none of the wires or terminals on the GA post is oriented so vibration could cause it to touch the battery feed on the AM post which is very close to GA. If the loom is the old fabric and rubber stuff it could also have a chunk of insulation off somewhere allowing wires to touch.

If the switch is mounted in the normal position with the bulb on top, looking from the back GA is the long post about 11:00 and AM will be about 1:00. COIL is the remaining post at about 7:00.

When the key is off there should be no power on anything except AM. GA gets power in both run (on) or acc position and you can crank the engine (no starting) in acc position. Since there is a single feed from GA spliced to both lamp sockets you should have the BAT and OIL lights in both positions. COIL gets power only in the run (on) position. Typically only the coil is fed off that post and lets you start the car when the key is in the run position only.

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