Re: Vacuum System Schmatic

Posted by HH56 On 2015/9/7 17:41:36
Look on the cowl front side, left end just before the cowl curves around to the fender and body -- almost under the patent plate -- for a large rubber grommet with 4 holes and maybe some hoses.

If you have the grommet or its remains, the tee in the wiper vacuum supply hose was most likely for the supply to a vacuum antenna. If no antenna, on some 22nd series cars they used an early version windshield washer that had a separate actuating button instead of the later version where it was controlled by the wiper motor switch cable and vacuum came from a port on the motor. If the car had that early version washer it would have had a vacuum supply from the tee.

If the car had neither option then you might ask your dad if he remembers if it had anything else. There was not that many 22-23rd factory options that needed vacuum -- but the car could have had some popular aftermarket additions that needed vacuum. There were small vacuum operated fans to cool the driver and I remember an ashtray that connected to vacuum so the smoke was pulled out of the passenger compt.

At any rate, if nothing is connected the tee needs to be plugged or eliminated. That is providing a huge vacuum leak and if the car is driven that way the lean fuel might be part of the cause of the high temp.

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