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Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2008/10/22 9:01:00
Wasn't there another later, next-gen Monte Carlo concept?

Perhaps you're referring to the Balboa or Balboa-X? At least two were built, both surviving I'm told in the Ralph Marano collection here in NJ. they were based on the Reinhart body and built in 1952 or so. There is at least one vintage picture of it taken from a bit of a distance in a factory (perhaps Packards), and I also have a fairly recent picture taken when it was at Stone Barn restoration shop in NJ, I'll see if I can find it. It featured a reverse-sloping rear window not unlike some much later Mercurys.

Back to the Monte Carlo for a minute, no doubt many more pictures were taken at the time but apparently haven't surfaced. I'd love to see the rear end treatment, it almost looks like a stock trunk lid but with vestiges of fins on the rear fenders.

EDIT: Here are two vintage pictures of the Balboa, courtesy of the very fine Nat Dawes book Packard 1942-1962, a book which no fan of the postwar Packards should be without. Further comments from the Dawes book indicate the Balboa was built from a 1953 Caribbean with a fiberglass removeable hardtop and the unique rear window.

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