Re: Packard Monte Carlo

Posted by BH On 2008/10/22 11:55:50
Guscha -

That's a pretty comprehensive list.

Be advised that any images of the 1951 Packard PininFarina are not of any car built by Packard. As I posted elsehwere on these forums, and also in response to a picture in the Photo Gallery that was contriubted by Owen, Packard did not proceed with that concept. The plans, however, turned up decades later, at a Paris auto show, and the car was privately constructed in recent years - along with two other concepts. The gentleman underwriting all of that also had a showroom brochure mocked up and printed - along the lines of what was published by Packard for the regular production cars of that period.

Meanwhile the photo you attached is a picture of a 1953 Caribbean, which I have seen posted online some years ago, but incorrectly identified as a Monte Carlo.

Yet, 1953 just might be the year that I'm thinking of for the second Monte Carlo concept. I seem to recall, now that the front portion of the roof was removable - sort of a landaulet style. It's not quite as dramatic as the previous version, shown in the image provided by Owen, though.

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