Re: Packard Monte Carlo

Posted by Kip56 On 2008/10/22 20:29:02
Similar copy from the Kimes book on Packard pages 554-555

"While the company was deciding on a course of action for the Pan American, Henney's Arbib had busily engaged in yet another project, the Monte Carlo, a conversion from two 1952 Mayfair hardtops which Packard had sent to Henney in early September, complete with 1953 style bumpers, headlight rims, fender and body moldings, deck lid ornaments and grills. The Monte Carlos had wire wheels, exterior spares and hood scoops like the Pan American, but the body speedline was eliminated and the tops were changed to a semi-town car configuration with removable solid panels or fabric over the driver."

No photos provided with the text on these pages.

Interesting there is no mention of the Monte Carlo based on the 23rd series which is the original photo posted by Owen_Dyneto in this email thread.

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