Re: Packard Monte Carlo

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2008/10/23 22:24:02
I agree John, the 22nd/23rd series car puts a bit of pizzaz in a body shell pretty much devoid of same, whereas the 52/53 version is stubby, awkward, and just plain "frumpy".

John, if I may suggest, earlier in this thread you seemed to be quoting from a reference book and then perhaps added some further comments of your own. It's not possible to tell where you stopped quoting and started with your own words. It is proper and would really be helpful, and this goes for all of us, if when we quote from a reference source, we either use quotation marks or put it in italics so readers can separate our own thoughts from the material taken from a reference source. Just a suggestion to bring some better clarity to what's posted.

A few further comments on the 52/53 Monte Carlos; the cars apparently had some real structural deficiencies, lacking rigidity of body in the front. An article about Arbib relates an exchange between Packard and Henney that concludes that if Packard were to consider making 100 of them, radical re-engineering including using portions of the convertible structure would be necessary. Perhaps that's what helped kill off the idea.

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