Re: Packard Monte Carlo

Posted by Owen_Dyneto On 2008/10/24 22:22:57
From the information that I have been able to gather on the first Packard Monte Carlo, Packard showed no interest in the concept built by Henney. The car sat around Arrbib's shops at Henney for people to view who came into the shop

John, that could well be. Afterall why would Packard have any interest in it, the bathtub era was over and the new Reinhart body was on the horizon. Still, it differs from an account supposedly traceable to Arbib which states the car went to a dealer showroom for display and promptly dissappeared. We'll probably never know exactly what happened.

And apparently the structural issues which were stated to be very significant played a role in dooming the second Monte Carlo which even w/o the problems probably stood a very poor chance in the marketplace.

Nevertheless, all interesting fodder. This has proved to be an interesting thread.

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