Re: Valve Timing correction for '48 356 Engine

Posted by Mike Dowd On 2015/9/9 9:43:04
My shop manual says that the #8 exh valve timing is to be used for checking the timing on the hydraulic lifter engines. I looked in another manual to see what the inlet valve timing is supposed to be and noted that it is supposed to open slightly before TDC...I checked my #8 cyl inlet valve and it is starting to open late. (If you had a solid lifter engine with large tappet clearances it seems like this would be the result.)

Now...could the hydraulic lifters not being full of oil have any effect on this? I bled-down all the lifters before re-installing the camshaft. Later in the day I'll pre-oil the engine and fill the crankcase with oil. Then I'll rotate the engine several revolutions to see if I can pump the lifters full of oil. Then I'll recheck the valve timing.


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