Re: Valve Timing correction for '48 356 Engine

Posted by Mike Dowd On 2015/9/10 13:00:17
Pre-oiled the engine and rotated the crankshaft many times. The #8 exh valve now does what it is supposed to do...the lifter for the #8 exh valve 'breaks loose' at 10 deg after TCD.

Using a dial indicator I verified that the TDC indication point on the damper is exactly TDC for the piston. BTW...if you mis-installed the sheet metal indicator on this engine you'd know it immediately.

I'll put the head on this afternoon but that's as far as I will go before next Monday. I've got a BMW motorcycle rally to attend tomorrow at Sipapu Resort near Taos, NM. This afternoon I must prep the motorcycle. Next Monday I'll return to the Packard and should have it running Wednesday or Thursday.


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