Re: Rear Pinion Crush Spacer

Posted by Packard 1948 on 2015/9/29 15:39:31
Thanks Peter,

So to clarify...tighten the pinion nut by hand until it feels like it has bottomed out the pinion to the ring gear (no forward or aft movement of the pinion shaft).

Then (this is the part that is unclear) tighten the pinion nut with a t wrench 1/4 turn then try to measure the pinion gear to ring gear mesh with a torque wrench and with the parking brake off, wheels off the ground, and no brake drag we are looking for 2 pound feet of torque.

If it is not 2 pound feet of torque then tighten pinion nut another 1/4 turn and then repeat until you (I) get 2 pound feet of torque.

So how do I determine if I have a Marsden nut or Hug-Lock nut?


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