Re: Replace fuel sender 1947 Custom Super Clipper.

Posted by HH56 on 2015/10/1 19:52:40

packard1949 wrote:
Question is the gage not reading-or is it the movement of the needle when the car is moving? My 47 Super Clipper the fuel gage is always bouncing when car is moving-it is not rock steady as in a modern car.

It should be steady. The gauge on the 47 is magnetic so unlike the later thermal gauges it is fast to respond to any change in resistance. Could be a poor ground at the tank or gauge or possibly a connection is vibrating and poor contact is effectively changing resistance or supply voltage making the needle bounce.

The resistance wire in the sender is supported on a curved strip of phenolic or thick fishpaper. The wire could be dirty and oxidized or support is warped and the wiper is barely making contact with the wire so any sloshing would change resistance by a large amount.

The 47 uses Stewart-Warner gauges and the senders are the old obsolete resistance range of 0 full - 100 ohms empty. If your sender is bad I haven't found anything made today with that resistance range that looks to be a drop in. There is a unit from an Australian company that might be a possibility with a rework and different hole or adapter but at the moment believe the only good option is an exchange from the vendors or having yours rebuilt.

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