Turn Signal problems 47 custom super Clipper

Posted by Lauren R Lampi on 2015/10/6 17:16:22
I have been having problems with the turn signals on my 47 custom super Clipper. The signals will not cancel automatically when I turn the corner. The turn signal unit in the column just under the wheel clicks as I straighten the wheel but will not cancel automatically.
There is a space between the wheel and the chrome signal unit housing of about 3/8 inch. I had read on the forum that the outer sleeve of the steering column can be moved up a bit after the bracket under the dash is loosened a bit and something on the column under the hood. I can't
remember what was to be loosed under the hood. Looking at the end of the steering column an inch or two before the column gets to the steering box there is a "U" bolt that goes around the end column. Is that the part that needs to be loosened in order to slide the column a bit closer to the wheel?.

Also the turn signals are very dim. I painted the inside of all the light "buckets" with white paint. Grounded all of the lights with a separate ground wire. Using Halogen replacement bulbs for the turn signals and tail/stop lights.
I rewired all the sockets with new little brass/copper Contacts and wiring. Do I need a different "flasher unit"
if I have the halogen bulbs? Do I need to pull the wheel and replace the turn signal unit? Or should I just go back the regular turn signal bulbs and tail/stop light bulbs?

Lauren R Lampi
Grand Rapids, Minnesota

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