Re: Turn Signal problems 47 custom super Clipper

Posted by HH56 on 2015/10/6 20:28:37
The steering column is held by two clamps. The one under the dash and the one by the steering box. Even if those clamps are loosened the column may not want to raise. If that is the case, there is a concave shaped split ring around the steering shaft at the upper bearing. It provides the inner race for the bearing and is a tight fit on the shaft. It may not allow the column to slide unless the steering wheel and spring is removed and the ring moved up first, column slid or pried up and then ring pushed back in the bearing when the column is at the proper position. Am posting a couple of photos showing the lower clamp and the split ring.

If the bulbs are flashing at the proper speed I doubt a new flasher would do much good but it wouldn't hurt to try another or at least get one for a spare while they are available. There have been a few of the TungSol 229D flashers on ebay at around $30. I wouldn't bother with the 535s which is the modern relatively inexpensive 6v replacements. The terminals are wrong for the 47 and they don't flash the indicator lights properly if the car has positive ground. If the Halogen bulbs are approximately the same resistance as the old incandescents then the flasher will work normally. Too much difference in resistance and the flasher will either go very fast or barely flash at all. If your speed is OK, so probably is the flasher. The turn signals are not that great in brightness even under the best conditions though.

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