The trunk handle has a mind of its own

Posted by DavidPackard on 2016/2/25 10:53:42
Yesterday I went to open the trunk on my '48 Deluxe Eight and the latch handle appears to turn freely in the latch assembly. The handle rotates in a complete circle with almost no effort. Not that it would matter, I did try the key lock in both positions without success in either. My instant diagnosis is that I've lost integrity in the torque path between the handle and the first actuation lever in the latch mechanism. Although I have only assumed that the square hole in the lever is OK.

I suspect I must remove the entire rear seat and the insulating/separator 'cardboard' to investigate any further. Assuming I can gain access to the trunk from the rear seat my first plan is to attempt to rotate the square shaft by turning the interior retaining nut. Assuming that fails another option maybe to loosen the assembly and try to move the latch from the outside with a 'Slim Jim'.

Has anyone have any tips to share?

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