Re: The trunk handle has a mind of its own

Posted by DavidPackard on 2016/2/25 17:19:41
Thanks to all for the feedback.
Referring to HH56's photos. My handle rotates 360 degrees in either direction, which I don't see happening with the first lever (that's the one with the larger square hole) and structure in-place. All of that interference is what stops the handle from rotating more than about 90 degrees anti-clockwise. Same down at the latch end, but I suspect we know that the latch isn't going anywhere.
Owen's point is well taken. I might include the fixed portion of the latch in that list of what to loosen.
There is not a lot in the trunk other than a spare tire and two canvas folding chairs. The seatback board however may have to pay the ultimate sacrifice to gain enough room.
I'm still working under the assumption that one or more of these statements must be true:
1. The square hole or the square shaft are now round
2. The square shaft has fallen into the trunk.
3. The handle is having a hard time turning the square shaft because of a failure at the interface, or the square hole in the lever is a now loose swaged assembly.
Items 2 and 3 can be overcome by a wrench or screw driver from the trunk side of the latch. Item 1 looks like a bigger challenge from inside the trunk, but removing the nut and the cylinder spring retainer should do the trick.
Since this thing was working just fine (no lost motion) one day and not the other I'm leaning away from shafts or holes worn round.
On EBay I typed in "Packard Trunk Lock" and a bunch of hits were presented . . . one of which is a '48-50 Packard Trunk Lock UJoint - NOS' . . . any comments ?
I'll need to return to my 'honey do' list, so progress on this repair will be paced by marital bliss. I'll repost as soon as I know more.
Ernie V. has volunteered his 23rd series as a visual aid on understanding what all of the parts look like on a fully functional latch assembly. That should give me a pretty good idea on what is 'do-able' from the back seat. I do have a 'borescope' that I can send in to have a 'look see'.

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