Re: The trunk handle has a mind of its own

Posted by BDeB on 2016/2/25 22:28:56
The seatback board should be on the trunk side of the x-bracing and is held in place by small spring clips with barbs that pop out when they are pushed through a hole. They can be released by squeezing with a pair of pliers and pushing them back through the hole thus avoiding damage to the board. See photo.

The trunk lock u-joint is inside the lock cylinder and allows for misalignment of the small square shaft that works the lock in the latch.

Also included with the photos is a view of what the latch looks like from inside the trunk lid. It is held in by 4 slotted head screws.

I had forgotten about the lock cylinder in my previous post, so what I recommended won't work since the bezel would still be held in place by the spring clip that retains the cylinder.

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