Re: Hard starting when Hot

Posted by PackardV8 on 2017/4/11 11:38:10
Hard start when hot:

If the carb is hot enuf to boil the gas out of the carb bowl then the rest of the engine is hot enuf to boil any gas that might be forced over into the intake manifold. "Flooded" but only maybe for a few seconds.

I have hard start when hot too on my 56 Exec.. Somtimes it will start by holding gas pedal to floor (but still a bit slow). Other times with no attempt to hold gas pedal to the floor it will still be difficult to start. No ryme or reason to it.

Summers comming so i will carry a lighter fluid can full of gas to squirt down the carb if the problem gets bad enuf.

Bottom line:
If carb is hot enuf to boil out the fuel then the rest of the engine is even hotter yet to boil out any fuel overflowed into the engine during intitial perulation. No fuel.

So constant cranking of the engine is needed to pump the carb bowl full again.

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