Re: advice on 1952 performance

Posted by HH56 on 2017/9/26 14:02:01
If you don't have any luck finding someting here are a few on ebay. Some are bare but others are insulated. I didn't see any specs so don't know how long any might be -- or what length you need for that matter. Perhaps a parts store can cross a few of the Standard part numbers and get specific info. Napa used to list the specs and I copied that info on the photo. Napa does still list a couple as available but their site is not very helpful in providing detailed specs anymore.

If nothing there looks promising, even though not as good as the cloth covered wire some high strand count silicone insulated super flex wire would be better than ordinary hookup wire.

If you go with that wire, an ordinary crimp connector with the plastic insulation removed to avoid the extra length and bulk would be a good way of terminating the wire. If you soldered instead try not to let much solder wick back the wire and go under the insulation. That would make the wire very stiff the distance it wicks back.

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