Re: Runout of Axle shafts on 1947 Custom Super

Posted by JWL on 2017/8/7 8:54:53
I can not answer your question about the runout of the axle shafts; although, if violent means were used to remove the drums damage could have been done to the ends of the axles. Someone here will have an answer for you on this.

I doubt the axles are causing the vibration you describe. While the wheels and tires may be in balance, the tires could be out-of-round. No amount of balancing will offset the bouncing of a tire that is not true.

The damaged drums could be causing the vibration and replacing them with sound ones is a good plan.

Depending on what you find with the axle runout, now would be a good time to service the axle bearings and seals. This is an often overlooked maintenance.


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