Re: Modifying Pollock Lock

Posted by HH56 on 2017/10/4 15:30:40
Here are the specs on the Pollak 31-180 switch. It should be able to replace switches from several years. Clippers from 41-47 will need the armored cable replaced with a section of wire. It will also work on the 22nd series. The Packard bezel will thread on but is a bit loose. Perhaps a layer of teflon tape would tighten but it may not be an issue. The bezel shipped with the switch is very presentable -- more so than other universal switches. The main difference in looks is the side of the Pollak bezel has small flats vs the solid round Packard bezel.

The biggest issue will be the positioning notch is offset from the one on the Packard switch. To make the new switch mount in the dash and look correct the small tang in the dash opening will need to be removed so the key slot will be vertical. That could let the switch rotate if the bezel is loose so perhaps a mounting plate could be fabricated to go behind the dash in a way to use something existing to prevent any rotation. I haven't experimented with that part yet.

Electrically it would also work for 49-53 but the Packard bezel and dash opening is different those years. Bezel is not usable and mods would be needed in the dash opening that may cause issues if you wanted to use a Packard switch again.

Thanks to Robert for finding the switch. It is a much better replacement than one I used from another mfg.

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