Re: Brake Drum Studs/Pins

Posted by Leeedy on 2017/11/7 9:40:59

PackardDon wrote:
Thank you to both of you! One reason it came up was that on another comment posted elsewhere here it was suggested that they were screwed in but they do look swadged over on the back like a rivet so I thought it more likely that they were pressed or shrink-fit first. Also, at my age and with arthritis, holding up a 7.50 X 16 8-ply wheel and tire with one hand while aligning lug bolts is not possible so I prefer to have these in place.

I can positively, absolutely assure you that at least one of my V-8 Packards had the pins screwed in, not peened over. Absolutely, positively. There was a tiny hex fitting around the base of the pin. I removed them with a small socket wrench and kept a couple in a little bin of clear plastic slide-out drawers to show to people back when who wanted to argue this point. Absolutely, positively. No idea how many were made that way or when or any other details. But they did indeed exist.

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