Re: Aluminum Head?

Posted by RogerDetroit on 2018/4/2 9:23:31

flyntgr wrote:
"we always magnaflux and crack check all the engine components we sell through our local professional machine shop. That is done at no cost you the buyer as we pay for that in advance. We will not sell anything that is suspect."

This is from a vendor who specializes in Packard Parts. What say you? Thanks.

I worked my way through college as an employee of Magnaflux Corp and used a number of NDT methods to inspect auto parts, aircraft parts, underground pipelines, nuclear power plants. Of all our methods you CANNOT test aluminum using magnaflux - it requires the part to be magnetized.

Ask the vendor what SPECIFIC NDT method was used to inspect the head. If he says X-ray, then good. If we says Zyglow Penetrant, then good. But if he sticks with saying it was magnetized, then go to the nearest window and look for a star rising in the east for it would be another miracle.

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