Re: Aluminum Head?

Posted by flyntgr on 2018/4/3 20:00:17
The vendor is Maxmerritpackard, and no, their machine shop cannot magnaflux aluminum. Their reply was a canned one, the emphasis being on their unwillingness to sell a head or other part that is not serviceable. Their 3rd party machine shop will inspect the head for cracks. I conditioned my purchase on the head being without cracks or other defects. They agreed.
Considering the 327 head not being ideal, and the 359 being oem and apparently being in good working condition, I have conditionally agreed to buy it, complete with copper head gasket, properly treated to avoid electrolysis.
Predictions: Was this a safe part to buy, or not? See Ebay Packard listing today.

"1954 359 cu. in. Packard Standard 8 aluminum cylinder head!! This is the one everyone is looking for! This is in exceptional condition!! Packard P/N 446913. If you are shopping for an aluminum head for your 359, look no further!

"All threaded areas of the head are in good condition with no stripping. If you want detailed pictures of any area of the head, we would be happy to provide that.

If you are looking to do a rebuild or restoration, this head would provide the proper foundation for your project."

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