Re: Aluminum Head?

Posted by 54ocmac on 2021/1/29 11:15:03
Good day all! I have a 54 convertible that I’m looking to have the engine overhauled. At this point it is suspected/assumed that the aluminum head on the engine has been over-milled. This assumption is due to the fact that the correct spark plugs had multiple compression washers on them. Installing new plugs resulted in the gap being closed on each after the engine was cranked. Since aluminum heads appear to be as scarce as hen’s teeth, I was considering use of a 288AT head that I have assuming it is in spec/useable. I’ve read the different threads from years passed and, quite honestly, remain confused on whether that would be my best course of action if I cannot find a useable aluminum head. Seems the “AT” was for cars with Ultramatics (?). Assuming it COULD be as a viable alternative, can it be used on a car with standard 3-on-the-tree w/overdrive tranny?

Thanks for any clarification or insight that anyone may we willing to offer! Since some threads on this subject are a number of years old, I’m hoping there might be some progress in resolving this situation for those of us trying to preserve these fine automobiles!!!!!

As an alternate approach, I believe there is a shorter plug that I could use, but if the head has been over-milled, does it present other issues?

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