Re: Aluminum Head?

Posted by 54ocmac on 2021/1/31 14:04:36
Good day!

Thank you for all your insight. I checked with Kanter and all they have are cast iron heads. I’ve reached out to Max Merritt, but they have not responded.

In comparing the spark plugs, the multi-washer plugs have a longer center electrode, so have installed same temp-rated plugs, but with shorter center electrode. Now no gap issue when the engine cranked.

I completely understand that the aluminum head is the preferred head, but was interested in your combined experiences and knowledge IF there was no alternative should it be unserviceable.

So, if I may, the engine in the car is not the original. When I purchased the convertible, it was not running and the owner could not tell me the last time it had nor provide any information on condition when it did run. Through an acquaintance knowledgeable about Packards, I found a 54 Patrician that was being sold in an estate sale. The engine had been recently overhauled, but it had a 288AT head on it. I bought it and had the engines swapped out. The aluminum head that was on the convertible engine was installed on the Pat’s. engine and then installed in the convertible. The engine has, in my opinion, never run properly and I have found out this week that it has compression issues in a couple of cylinders. SO, I’m seriously considering going back to the original engine for the convertible. Since I have no history on the original engine, are there any basic checks I can do on the engine to determine if the block is sound and worth taking the next steps toward overhaul? The odometer on the convertible said the car had 55,501 miles on it, so I’m thinking it would not need a complete overhaul. But it makes a whole lot of sense to go all the way. I can rotate the motor with a socket wrench, so know it isn’t frozen/siezed. Guess I’m probably naively trying to save a few bucks on what I fear will be an expensive endeavor.


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